With state-of-the-art equipment, highly skilled expertise and the highest quality standard, we, at GJA Lab, provide timely, accurate and authentic gem and jewellery reports in loose as well as in mounted for our clients.Each item passes through rigorous quality checks with the help of our sophisticated analytical infrastructure. The lab is outfitted with the most modern analytical instruments in order to authenticate diamonds, coloured gemstones, origins, and possible treatments in the most scientific and objective manner possible.Among all gemmological labs, GJA Lab has unsurpassed expertise in documenting and analysing finished jewellery products. We provide an impartial analysis of every jewellery item, including the diamonds, gemstones, metals and details of mounting. We provide clear documentation and photographs for each piece.Authentic GJA Laboratory Reports are the common language of trust and confidence in the world of gems and jewellery industry, regardless of location or marketplace.